The Concept for Cycle Superhighways

A digital reference work

The Cycle Superhighway Collaboration in the Capital Region of Denmark has developed a mutual concept that describes the principles and guidelines for cycle superhighway in the Capital Region of Denmark.

The concept covers all stages in the lifecycle of a cycle superhighway and therefore provides recommendations for several different process stages of a cycle superhighway. You can navigate through the various themes to learn more, or use the search field to find a specific topic.

Please note that the concept consists solely of recommendations. Ultimately, it is the individual road authority that has decision power.

What is a cycle superhighway?

Cycle superhighways must make it more attractive and give more people the opportunity to choise the bike for the daily commute. Both surroundings and infrastructure have an influence on this. Cycle superhighways must contribute to the good cycling experience by supporting the feeling of being a priority road user, being able to maintain a good flow and being on a predictable route. The Cycle Superhighway Collaboration have pointed out five quality goals in order to support the good cycling experience:


A cycle superhighway provides a coherent and effective route for commuters that connects to educational facilities, job opportunities, residential areas, and important nodes of public transport. It should be coherent across municipal and administrative borders and be easy to both access and locate.


On a cycle superhighway it should be easy to go ahead regardless of your speed. On a cycle supehighway it must be possible to maintain your own flow with as few stops and obstacles as possible. Accessibility must also be ensured through wide cycle paths with the possibility for cyclists to safely pass each other.


Cycle superhighways should support a comfortable experience by prioritising pavement management and a general high level of maintenance and upkeep of the route. Cycle superhighways should limit obstacles from the surroundings and offer good service to the commuters.


A cycle superhighway should be safe and easy to follow. There shopuld be a high level of safety through secure infrastructure solutions, lighting and good viewing conditions. The cycle superhighway should be visible to the surroundings and support safe interaction between all road users.

Perceived security

Cyclists should feel secure on a cycle superhighway. This places demands on both infrastructure and maintenance throughout the year. The cycle superhighway must also be located in surroundings that contribute to the feeling of security.

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