The Concept for Cycle Superhighways

A digital reference work

The Cycle Superhighway Collaboration in the Capital Region of Denmark has developed a mutual concept that describes the principles and guidelines for cycle superhighway infrastructure in Denmark.

The Concept provides recommendations for the various planning stages and covers every step in the life of a cycle superhighway. Visit the different pages to explore the formation of Cycle Superhighways in Denmark, or use the search bar to explore your topic of interest.

What is a cycle superhighway?

Cycle superhighways aim to make cycling the attractive choice for the daily commute. Cycle superhighways contributes to the good cycling experience by prioritising predictability in the route course, top tier cycling infrastructure, and by securing a good flow on the commute. The Cycle Superhighway Collaboration works with five meassurements of quality to ensure the great cycling experience:


A cycle superhighway provides a coherent and effective route for commuters that connects to educational facilities, job opportunities, residential areas, and important nodes of public transport. It should be coherent across different regional and administrative borders and be easy to both access and locate.


A cycle superhighway should increase the flow by limiting interruptions for different types of cyclist, with different levels of speed. Accessibility can be achieved by limiting traffic regulated stops on the route and by prioritising wide cycle paths that can accommodate all users comfortably.


Cycle superhighways should support a comfortable experience by prioritising pavement management and a general high level of maintenance and upkeep of the route. Cycle superhighways are a service to the commuters and should limit obstacles from the surroundings.


A cycle superhighway should be safe and easy to follow, while encouraging safe interaction between road users. Lighting, overview and recognition of the infrastructure should be prioritised in the planning and implementation, for all road users.


Cyclists should feel secure on a cycle superhighway. Quality infrastructure and all year around maintenance is key to achieving this. The natural and physical surroundings should assist in establishing the feeling of security.

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