Strategic Cycling Plan for Greater Copenhagen – From a leading cycling metropolis to the world’s best

Greater Copenhagen wishes to be a global center for sustainable growth and green innovation. This requires even more innovation while continuing to cultivate current positions of strength at the same time.

Greater Copenhagen is already in a unique position today as one of the world’s leading cycling metropolitan regions.

Three of the region’s cities, Copenhagen, Malmö, and Lund lie at the top of the rankings for the world’s best cycling cities. Every fifth trip in Greater Copenhagen is by bicycle.

While bike trips ensure a green and healthy link in the transport system, there is much untapped potential and room for improvement when it comes to the integration of cycling into a Greater Copenhagen well-integrated labour market with a coherent transport system and ambition to create sustainable growth and green innovation.

Therefore, Greater Copenhagen’s board decided in June 2019 to draw up a strategic cycling plan, which maps the need and potential for setting common objectives and developing cross-regional cycling actions in the metropolitan region.

The purpose of the plan is to present proposals for actions, which have interregional value and enable cycling to generate growth for Greater Copenhagen while at the same time supporting and strengthening the coherence of the metropolitan region’s transport system.

Description of the plan

Analysis of potential

The contents of the plan are based on an analysis of potential prepared by Rambøll and input from actors and experts from different disciplines in Greater Copenhagen.

The bicycle as a tool
The plan is divided into two central sections. Each from its own perspective highlights opportunities and possible initiatives, where cycling can be a driver of growth for Greater Copenhagen and at the same time support and strengthen links in the metropolitan region’s transport system.

Several proposed initiatives are listed under each section, which should be prioritized to broadly promote cycling in the Greater Copenhagen metropolitan region. The initiatives are action-oriented and describe proposals for what needs to be done, how it should be done and who should do it.

The initiatives can support Greater Copenhagen’s place as a leading cycling metropolitan region and with a high level of ambition make it the best in the world.

Below you can download the Strategic Cycling Plan for Greater Copenhagen in English, Danish, and Swedish and the Analysis of potentials in DK/SE:

Strategic Cycling Plan for Greater Copenhagen – ENG

Strategisk Cykelplan for Greater Copenhagen DK

Strategisk Cykelplan for Greater Copenhagen SE

Analysis of Potentials (Potentialer for mere cykeltrafik i Greater Copenhagen) (DK/SE)


Online event: Cycling for green economic growth – potentials for regional cycle planning

On the 21st of September 2021 the online event “Cycling for green economic growth – potentials for regional cycle planning” aired. This event was held in relation to the launch of the Strategic Cycling Plan for Greater Copenhagen and focused on how cycling can be used to create green economic development in regions and metropolitan areas.

Watch the full event here.

Inspirational talks

The first half of the event focused on the potentials for regional cycle planning with insights from the European Commission about how cycling can be a tool in the European Green Deal, what trends the ECF (European Cyclist Federation) identify in regional cycling and inspirational speakers telling fascinating cycling stories about making space for cycling on New York bridges, how the Province of Limburg became a leading province for cycle tourism and the potentials for regional cycling planning in Greater Copenhagen.

Watch the first half of the event here.

Or watch each speaker individually:

Trends by ECF”, Henk Swarttouw, President for ECF (European Cyclist Federation).

The Strategic Cycling Plan for Greater Copenhagen – Potentials for regional cycle planning”, Signe Helledi, Project Manager for the Strategic Cycling Plan for Greater Copenhagen.

Cycling and the European Green Deal”, Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director-General, EU Commission Department for Mobility and Transport.

Cycle Tourism in the Province of Limburg”, Ward Segers, Project Coordinator Tourism Limburg.

Improving the cycle network across water in New York City”, Danny Harris, Executive Director, Transportation Alternatives, New York City.

Panel debate

The second half of the event was a panel debate focusing on what potentials different parties of interest in Greater Copenhagen think that cycling offers towards Greater Copenhagen becoming a prosperous green metropolitan area. The panel debate began with short pitches from four important Greater Copenhagen stakeholders followed by a debate with politicians from around the Greater Copenhagen area.

Watch the second half of the event here.

Or watch the pitches individually and the political debate:

Tourism point of view“, Mats Werne, Board Member Swedish Cycle Cities (Svenska Cykelstäder).

“Business development point of view” Jesper Højte Stenbæk, Chief Executive Officer for Transport and Infrastructure, Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv).

“Cycle knowledge and researcher point of view” – Anna Niska, Director, VTI Cykelcentrum (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.

“Administrative regional development point of view“, Richard Gullstrand, Vice Director of Regional Development, The Region of Skåne.

Political debate with

    • Mikael Rubin, Mayor, The Municipality of Trelleborg, Sweden
    • Jens Mandrup, Chairman of the Traffic Committee, The Capital Region of Denmark
    • Karin Svensson Smith, 2nd Vice Chairman of the Technical Services Committee, The Municipality of Lund, Sweden
    • Helene Andersson, Vice Chairman of the Region Executive Committee, The Region of Halland, Sweden
    • Mats Werne, Municipal Assembly, The Municipality of Helsingborg, Sweden