The routes of cycle superhighways

It has to be easy, comfortable and safe to commute to work by bike in all of Denmark’s Capital Region. On this site you can find more information about the different routes.

There are over 60 cycle superhighways planned, which in structure resembles the expansion of both rail and road network in the metropolitan area, i.e. with radial routes (with one common starting point) with the direction in and out of town and ring routes across the city. The network was conceived using the municipal local knowledge and input from stakeholders and interested citizens and current users of the bike trails. Most of the trails run along existing trails and roads, but some routes will be established in a brand new course.

To date over 60 cycle superhighways have been planned in the Capital Region in a net of approximately more than 850 kilometers. Today commuters have access to sixteen cycle superhighways. The first route, Albertslundruten C99, opened in 2012 and the second route, Farumruten C95, followed in 2013. In 2016 one route, Ishøjruten opened followed by five routes in 2017. Farum-Allerødruten opened in the fall of 2020. We have since welcomed a lot of routes, and strive to continue to do so.

On the existing routes there has been an increase in the number of commuters – in average a cycle superhighways has caused an increase in the number of cyclists with 23% on weekdays. On the Farumroute where the average commute is 14,7 km, there has been an increase in the number of cyclist by 68 % since the route became a cycle superhighway in 2013. For a map of the complete network of cycle superhighways in the capital region click here.

Our existing routes: